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Accelerating Deployment with CI/CD

Accelerating Deployment with CI/CD – Straive

White paper on CI/CD

In the new age of digital transformation, development teams need to be quick and agile in application development, testing, QA, and deployment to exceed customer expectations for shorter development cycle times and higher quality levels.

Straive’s white paper “Accelerating Deployment with CI/CD” discusses balancing time, quality, cost, and efficiency by leveraging CI/CD to rapidly deploy applications, customizations, and continuous improvement activities.

Download Straive's white paper “Accelerating Deployment with CI/CD"

This whitepaper explains the features and benefits of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). It details how the CI/CD methodology is vital to Straive's development initiatives. Furthermore, this whitepaper elaborates on:

  • Why CI/CD is more than technology
  • The advantages of Cl/CD
  • How Straive leverages Cl/CD

Download Straive's white paper “Accelerating Deployment with CI/CD"

Straive possesses the technology, training, and agility to build future-ready solutions, support new products, and scale on-demand. We drive holistic user experiences through technologies and methodologies such as CI/CD to ensure our products, platforms, and services adhere to the highest standards.

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