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Who we are?

Straive (erstwhile SPi Global) has been amongst the pioneers in Asia to provide content outsourcing services to leading Fortune 500 companies. Today, Straive is a multiple award-winning market leader in technology-driven solutions for Data and Information Solutions, EdTech, Research and Education Content Services. Data and content are fast becoming key differentiators across the market. At Straive, we believe that our teams and our capability will make data and content accessible, adaptable, and actionable.

The team at Straive knows that big challenges in society, business, or in people’s everyday lives aren’t solved overnight, and hence we are committed to be in it for the long haul. Building dynamic teams, empowering our leads, striving and moving towards a unified goal, and transforming businesses and organizations around the world.

Straive’s multi-geographical team is strategically located in seven countries- India, Philippines, USA, Canada, Nicaragua, Vietnam, United Kingdom with the company headquarters in Singapore.

Are you ready to join us, learn and discover new areas of data solutions, EdTech, education, research content? Are you ready to innovate and build technology that delivers above and beyond our customer expectations? Are you ready to collaborate in a diverse and inclusive environment that adds value for our clients, our teams, and communities around us? Are you ready to celebrate Straive?

Straive India (including LearningMate India) is now Great Place To Work® Certified™

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Our Culture and Values

Our company culture reflects our core values and principles that govern how we accomplish our goals and interact with each other, as well as with our customers and the community.


Respect is understanding differences and providing a platform that inspires a purposeful business with passionate individuals.

Fairness. Listening Ears. Flat Organization. Trust & Openness


Innovation is about taking risks and ideating with teams; we may fail, but we pick up and dust off and get back to work on that next big idea.

Technology Driven. Next New. Fail Fast & Light. Ideate Together


Meritocracy & Motivation are closely linked to respect; we propagate a meritocratic system where all employees are rewarded based on their contribution to our common goals, regardless of level.

Action Orientation. Motivate to Perform. Intent to Stay. Celebrate Success


Accountability is about being empowered and supporting each other in achieving goals.

Own Outcomes. Divide & Assign. Empower. Data Driven


Client Focus means being a partner to our clients by going deeper and truly getting to know them. We connect, invest time, empathize and collaborate with our clients.

Advisor. Excellence. Consultative-Collaborative. Empathy

customer support, customer services, customer experience

Our People Programs

Our varied sessions and activities showcase that our employees are always our highest priority


Our DEI programs celebrate all our employees as unique beings, irrespective of color, beliefs, lifestyle, gender, race and capability.

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From organizing stressbuster activities and counselling sessions to health-related talks, the wellness of our employees takes precedence.

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This unique program gives women who want to get back to the workforce after a career break the opportunity and support to start over.

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Technology Company of the Year (2020) by Asia CEO

Technology Company of the Year (2020) by Asia CEO

Awarded as the most promising Big Data solutions providers in 2020

SmartDub - Winner of Process Innovation Challenge 2019 - LocWord Silicon Valley 2019

Ranked as a Leader for AI Solution in CIO Advisor - Asia Pacific 2018

Ranked as Leader in The Silicon Review 50 Smartest Companies, 2018

Awarded as the most promising Big Data solutions providers in 2020

SmartDub - Winner of Process Innovation Challenge 2019 - LocWord Silicon Valley 2019

Ranked as a Leader for AI Solution in CIO Advisor - Asia Pacific 2018

Ranked as Leader in The Silicon Review 50 Smartest Companies, 2018

Life @ Straive

Life At Straive

We believe in creating workplaces that radiate positive energy and foster team building

Bridging the education gap through Project LINK

As the coronavirus pandemic forced school closures, Straive stepped up to help parents cope with their additional roles as teachers and to create engaging learning sessions for kids.

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Kavitha J

It's a great place to work because of the flexible work environment and the freedom to express our thoughts. At Straive, we have the perfect work-life balance, which only motivates us to do better. - Kavitha J

Madhushree K Menon

The company believes in inclusion and accepts everyone, irrespective of race, caste or gender orientation. We are all addressed by our first name, making us feel respected and valued, no matter what position we hold. - Madhushree K Menon

Charrybelle Angeles Prescilla

Straive takes care of its employees' well-being and safety. We are thankful and blessed to have the opportunity to work here even during the pandemic. - Charrybelle Angeles Prescilla

Gwendelyn Garcia Cuerda

Straive loves and takes good care of its employees, in addition to providing ample opportunities for their growth. I am forever thankful and grateful to be a part of this company and will surely recommend it to my friends. - Gwendelyn Garcia Cuerda

Matri Prasad Parija

The best part about Straive, is that it has a pro-employee mindset. - Matri Prasad Parija

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