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Peer Review Management - Challenges & Opportunities

Peer Review Management - Challenges & Opportunities

Publishing processes between acceptance and publication have transformed in the last decade through standardization and automation of production as well as preview publication in place of traditional issue-based approaches. Publishers have pushed the boundaries in terms of cost-cutting and time-to-market.

While upstream processes between submission and acceptance have received some attention, changes have been incremental rather than radical. The increase in submissions seen through 2020 and into 2021 and the growth of preprints as substitutes for formal publication suggest that the time is ripe for a fresh look at this challenge.

Download our whitepaper going deep into the opportunities and challenges with peer review. We take a look at some big questions, including:

  • What an efficient peer review process look like
  • How the burden of peer review could be more equitably distributed
  • Technology & Innovation in peer review

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