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Leveraging technology to innovate the peer review process

The world of scholarly publishing has witnessed an upsurge in innovation and experimentation in peer review over the past decade.

As organizations seek to retain submissions inside their publishing ecosystems, the need for a quick and flawless transfer of review information, submission files, and metadata between publications has become increasingly evident.

Our Whitepaper, ‘Leveraging technology to innovate the peer review process,’ delves deeper into:

  • What an efficient peer review process looks like
  • The importance of administering high-quality peer review
  • Technological breakthroughs that set the ground for innovative development of the peer review process
  • How Artificial intelligence can enable scalability while maintaining stringent quality standards.

Download our Whitepaper to know more about the importance of integrating new technology-mediated communication standards into successful, broadly recognized peer review models.

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