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emerging mode of scholarly publishing, Open Access business models

Key Aspects of Open Access

Over the years, open access (OA) has had a significant impact on scholarly publishing, and has been growing as a percentage of total publications The rise of mandates from funding organisations, institutions, and even national and international governments have contributed significantly to the movement's overall growth. We have witnessed the growth of pure open access publishers as well as the transition of subscription journals to open access.

While the concept of Open Access may appear simple, its execution is complicated due to the numerous operational and commercial models that must be considered. Not every OA model is suitable for every publication, and models therefore need to be assessed within the context of each business. Our Whitepaper, ‘Key Aspects of Open Access,’ provides a brief overview of the essential aspects of Open Access, focusing on:

  • Types of OA business models
  • Evaluating models using the 3S criteria
  • Implementing new OA models
  • Drivers of OA
  • What this means for publishers

Download our Whitepaper to know more about this emerging mode of scholarly publishing, and its different types and models.

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