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Ensuring highest standards of quality, trust, and ethics to maintain integrity of published literature

The majority of scientific and scholarly publishers make a conscious effort to maintain the integrity of the research published in their books and journals. Recent years have seen a rapid increase in research output and manuscript submissions, together with a decline in academic integrity and a concomitant rise in the occurrence of publication fraud, making research publication an enormously arduous and exacting task.

Research misconduct applies to any action that involves deliberate manipulation of scientific record such that it no longer reflects observed truth. Contrary to flaws that were once honest and unintentional, flaws have become increasingly rampant, and more often than not, are intentional, amounting to research fraud.

Download this Whitepaper to know more about how authors, editors, and publishers can collaborate to address academic misconduct. We take a look at:

  • Issues Involving Research Integrity
  • Factors Contributing to Research Fraud
  • Long-term Impact of Research Fraud
  • Publisher’s Role in Maintaining Integrity of Published Literature
  • AI and new technologies that can help combat integrity issue

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