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Key to Publishing Strategy

Data: The Key to Publishing Strategy

Data-driven decisions are essential for the growth and success of publishers. Publishers have been dealing with an endless stream of new authors submitting increasing numbers of articles for decades now. New publishing alternatives, as well as other journals, are increasing the level of competition for even the most prestigious publications.

In a publishing landscape where content is king, data is the driving force behind the throne. From submission and publication records to usage, sales, and author and reviewer satisfaction scores, publishers already have a plethora of data that they need. Emerging requirements such as the DEI, the SDGs, and transformative agreements have imposed reporting requirements that necessitate robust data governance approaches.

Download this whitepaper to know more about how publishers can leverage their data to understand their market position, as well as generate new business models and revenues, all while adhering to ethical data governance practices. We take a look at:

  • Understanding Your Market
  • Data Needs and New Sales Models
  • The concept of a data strategy
  • Governance, Privacy and Security

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