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ESG Asset Management Whitepaper - Asset Managers Addressing ESG Data Intricacies

Asset Manager - Addressing ESG Data Intricacies

The rising expectations to integrate ESG data into investment decision-making. Asset managers are seeking to optimized their ESG data operation capabilities for better and sustainable investment decision.

However, the challenge is - ESG data mostly sits on unstructured and diverse formats. Therefore, to transform it into an actionable insights need robust data solution for efficient data workflow and real-time ESG insights.

Advanced Analytics to achieve better insights & investment decisions

Straive’s AI-enabled end-to-end unstructured data platform, Straive Data Platform (SDP) helps to accelerates ESG data acquisition and enrichment across diverse sources. We help to customize data with defined metrics for better data-driven decisions.

Download our whitepaper to know how Straive’s data platform converts ESG data into actionable insights.

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