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Alternative Data Help Your Investment Decision-Making Strategies

Alternative Data Help Your Investment Decision-Making Strategies

The investment management industry is at an inflection point—asset and wealth management has undergone significant shifts in its business models, fee pressures have led to price wars, and passive investment has disrupted the active management approach. For investment management firms keen to boost their returns or alphas, data analytics is critical for capturing competitive advantage, with investment managers looking to leverage alternative data sets.

Alternative data is the information used to gain additional business insights, which are externally sourced data. Straive provides sophisticated data solutions to deal with alternative data, and this whitepaper showcases how data-driven automation can significantly boost the efficiency of asset management practices.

  • Data-led predictive analytics supported by AI/ML will provide granular measurements of investment outcomes across activities and customers.
  • Personalized client experiences will help sell products because customers may be encouraged to accept relatively lower returns for greater customer-centricity.
  • AI tools can deconstruct corporate statements, company annual reports, alternative data sources, and more and triangulate climate-related claims or disclosures.

Download our whitepaper to understand how alternative data discovery and processing help uncover and corroborate investment opportunities and manage risks.

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