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Data-Driven Anti-Greenwashing ESG Strategy

A Data-Driven Anti-Greenwashing ESG Strategy

Processing complex unstructured documents or images helps validate various corporate ESG claims. However, acquiring data from companies’ websites, PRs, news portals, etc., is an inefficient, time-consuming, and tedious task.

The integration of advanced tools and technologies helps aggregate, analyze and validate the information from diverse datasets across multiple formats that can be factored to validate corporate ESG claims.

This whitepaper helps you understand more about areas like-

  • How advancing technologies unearth correlations between various variables in unstructured data
  • How text and public data intelligence solutions help collect data from diverse formats like news, annual reports, sustainability (CSR) reports, etc.
  • Reducing the influence of open-ended data points during data extraction.

Time-consuming manual operations on ESG data are now impossible due to voluminous unstructured data. Download our white paper to understand how an end-to-end ESG data engine can effectively handle the complexity of unstructured sources at scale.

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