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Webinar On-Demand - Enabling Scalable Transfers with Transfer Desk Suite

Manuscript submission is a crucial part of the research cycle, but finding the right journal can be challenging. Authors lose time and effort when a journal rejects their manuscript. Searching for a new journal and resubmitting can be a time-consuming and exhausting task. Having a seamless mechanism to transfer articles between publications that use different submission and peer-review tracking systems could help address both challenges.

Many publishers have introduced services to (re)route rejected articles to comparable journals within their field in order to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Watch the webinar on-demand by Straive (2023 SSP Innovation Showcase), where Srinivasan Govindarajan (KG), SVP of Client Services & Solutions, details how Straive’s Transfer Desk Suite allows for a seamless, scalable, and efficient transfer process.

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Key Highlights

  • Automating the process of alternate journal selection and author communication

  • AI-based journal recommendation engine and customizable modules allow for a set of journals to participate in the program with defined roles

  • Providing analytics that can help determine email messaging, reminder frequencies, etc.

About the Speaker

Srinivasan K Govindarajan

Head of Client Services and Solutions

Srinivasan K Govindarajan (KG) heads the Client Services and Solutions for the Research and Reference business at Straive. KG collaborates with key Clients and industry stakeholders to strategize and develop innovative solutions to meet emerging business requirements.

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