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Project LINK

Project LINK: Ensuring learning never stops using Innovation and Knowledge Building

The COVID-19 crisis forced school closures in almost 200 countries, disrupting the learning process of more than 1.7 billion children, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Despite challenges brought about by the pandemic to education in general, Straive believes learning should not. Through Project LINK, we bridge Learning through Innovation and Knowledge Building.

1. Parenting in the Pandemic: School closures forced parents to adopt dual roles as parents and teachers. Most of them were unequipped and unprepared to support their children in providing supplemental home-school learning. Realizing the need to change the perspective of parents by equipping them with critical life skills that they could develop and further teach to their children, such as, communication, creativity, health and wellness, socio-emotional learning, etc., we established a five-part Creative Learning Journey called “Parenting in the Pandemic”.

It involved creating a compelling vision of their role as a parent, in the context of the pandemic, online classes and the continued uncertainty. The challenges and opportunities were then explored and proven techniques were used to spark new thinking and fresh ideas to solve some key challenges. Finally, the ideas were used to come up with solutions, and plans were formulated to implement those solutions.

2. Bounce Back Better: Realizing that children would need academic, emotional, social and psychological support with their new home-schooling routine, a 12-part highly interactive, fun and engaging learning session was designed for the children of our employees.

The topics covered focused on life skills such as Core & Social Values, Relationships, Looking at the Bright Side, Courage, Self-Management, Success, Gratitude, Kindness, Humor, and Valuing time. Weekly activity toolkits were prepared and shared with parents to facilitate learning among their children and to be given to those who were unable to attend.


“A big thank you to the entire crew for taking up an initiative like this. My son who is 6 years old is enjoying the activities that’ve been shared and he likes ‘Sowmya’ as she is an excellent presenter. He is a bit shy but when she calls out his name he tries to interact. I am glad to see a change in his behavior, which is indeed a good sign. I look forward to more.” - Linthaa

"I love the program and I love everything that aunty teaches us - stories, games, everything is super.” – Taufeeq, Age 9

“The trainer is very friendly, and I have learned about ethics and integrity.” – Sudhikshaa, Age 10

“Great class to attend during the lockdown period. I am able to learn new concepts/values and I like the fun activities we do during the class and offline.” - Badhri, Age 9

“The fact that my son waits for it every Friday is the biggest compliment to the program. He comes back and tells me about the session and I see happiness in his eyes. This comes as a respite during the lockdown to parents like me who would otherwise be struggling to keep kids entertained. Thanks again for this program!” - Rubeena