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Employee Growth

Employee Growth


The current landscape driven by digital evolution and technology advances poses a challenge for many job skills. The World Economic Forum estimates that 50 percent of the skills that we have right now will cease to be relevant by 2025. And for those that remain, such skills would be transformed in ways we have yet to see.

The good news is that new roles are also expected to be born out of the same upcoming trends in technology.

While we can choose to be ready for this, we can also choose to deliberately create this scenario for ourselves.

At Straive, we strongly believe in unleashing the leadership potential and growth of every individual that allows an employee to deepen his/her expertise in a chosen career track.

We also believe in growth that allows employees to discover new potential and capabilities.

As such, we encourage our employees to expand to other roles, responsibilities and skillsets by providing them with the right platforms for re-skilling.

In our career framework, every current role has a set of job functions and job families. Each position title has its respective skill definitions and competency profiles.

Career paths, too, are co-designed with each team, and provide a view of their primary and alternative tracks.

With this kind of view, employees are empowered to own their careers and take charge of their development based on the career they envision for themselves.

Today’s employees look for employers who not only ensure job stability, but also work toward their future career progression.

At Straive, we believe that success is not just about promotions and climbing up the ladder. We believe it is the driving of the culture of change that ensures growth for employees, and that is our way forward.