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Data - structured and unstructured – is the key to meaningful insights

By 2025, the world’s data will likely reach 175 zettabytes in size, of which 80-90% will be unstructured. The unstructured data will be in the form of texts, emails, PDF, video files, customer presentation and interactions, and publicly available data such as annual reports, sustainability & CSR reports, product specs sheets, regulatory and legal documents, and patents fillings.

Enterprises all over the world are exploring ways to leverage and scale the hidden wealth of this underutilized unstructured data. However, owing to its’ free form, noise and quality concern, uncovering insights will be difficult.

According to IDC, 37% of the unstructured data can benefit businesses if adequately analyzed, leading to $430 billion in productivity gains. Thus, deriving insights and intelligence from such data is of the highest priority for enterprises.

Enterprises will gain a significant advantage by building solutions that acquire, manage, and deliver data and derive actionable insights.

Download our E-Book to know more about unstructured data classification - Text, Public & Visual Intelligence, and their respective challenges.

With this e-book, we bring you insights on how to

  • Gain competitive advantage - Combining unstructured data with traditional data pipeline, helps to provide a single holistic view of data supply chain
  • Unlock actionable insights - Analyzing unstructured data helps identify new trends and hard to spot patterns, improve customer satisfaction, and highlight new areas of opportunities
  • Save on costs - Processing unstructured data would help enterprises reduce the cost of operations by 30 to 60%
  • Deliver accuracy up to 97% with 100% on-time delivery
  • Reduce time to market by 38-40%

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