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Redefining Your Peer Review Experience

Redefining Your Peer Review Experience

Peer review is an integral part of the publication process as it provides academics with a seal of approval upon which to build their reputations. A number of technological developments have laid the foundation for the creative development of the peer review system.

Given the wide-reaching impact published research can have, the significance of peer review cannot be underestimated. Anything that undermines readers' faith in the peer review process in scholarly publishing threatens the long-term viability of scientific findings. It is therefore essential to ensure there are systems in place to regulate the peer-review process effectively.

While the role of peer review in scholarly publishing is largely undisputed, the scholarly publishing community needs to become more aware of the challenges the peer review process is experiencing.

This eBook provides insights for enhancing the efficiency of the process by:

  • Leveraging new technologies
  • Innovating around transferable peer review to help reduce repeat reviews
  • Providing best practice guidance to reviewers
  • Crediting reviewers for their contribution

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