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Customer Support

Make every customer interaction count

At Straive, we combine extensive experience and new-generation technologies to deliver consistent, top-notch customer service solutions. With our deep understanding of tech and data-driven insights, complemented by our support team's approachability and professional attitude, we help you step up your CX game and drive customer satisfaction.

In the digital revolution, Straive's comprehensive customer support solutions suite can transform enterprises' Cloud infrastructure, On-site & Remote management operations and deliver the best customer experience. Further, our WFH (Work From Home) solution for customer support, secured by a multi-level security with PCI-DSS controls, ensures Business Continuity in case of exigencies.

Our Support Offerings

Fulfillment & Back-office icon

Fulfillment & Back-office

We deliver millions of transactions across various back-office activities by leveraging smart technologies to process transactions efficiently.

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Digital Product & Technical Support

We provide multi-tier technical product support, from the resolution of standard procedure issues to more complex troubleshooting.

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customer support, customer services, customer experience

Lead Generation & Retention

We assist customers in creating value propositions to enhance brand and revenue potential through customer acquisition account migration, etc.

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Content Publishing & Homework Support

From content creation to consumption, we have deep domain-specific knowledge and experience in working with multiple stakeholders.

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What we do

We work with you to understand your transformational goals and drive effective solutions by employing Al and bots into workflows. We provide solutions across a variety of market segments, including publishing, eLearning, EdTech, Legal, Financial, Transportation and other industries, and corporate solution requirements.

Our solutions result from our vast experience with enterprises across North America, UK, Europe, Asia and Latin America, supplemented by our robust support model across the areas of analytics, quality management, workforce management, PCI compliance and remote teams.

Operational Excellence Framework

customer support, customer services, customer experience


Deliver seamless and consistent messages through different channels such as phones, chat, emails, webform/tickets, SMS, social media, and one-to-one screen sharing sessions.

customer support, customer services, customer experience

Multi-Location and Coverage

Global footprint across 5 countries, over 7 languages and 24 x 7 coverage support.

customer support, customer services, customer experience

Domain Expertise

Deep domain knowledge (COEs) for Bank-office, Digital/Technical Product Support, Sales & Revenue and Content Support services.

customer support, customer services, customer experience

Scalability & Flexibility

Workforce to handle the volume at scale and flexible to manage seasonable volume variations.

customer support, customer services, customer experience

Customer Contact

Proactive outreach and inbound and outbound conversations with customers.

customer support, customer services, customer experience

Best in Class

Structured onboarding model and knowledge experts from Training, Quality, Workforce and Operations management teams.

customer support, customer services, customer experience

Language Certification

AI powered Language Certification aligned with CEFR standards

Why Work With Us

Straive has been providing customer support services for over 15 years, offering 1,300+ support agents, multi-channel support, and 24x7 coverage. Our experienced team comprises domain experts from various market segments such as education, STM & academic, legal, BFSI, risk & compliance, real estate, and the media.

We leverage technology including AI, ML and data analytics to ensure faster decision making, data transformation and agent calibration. Our vast experience spans across seasonal variations using multiple CRM, IT infrastructures and security compliances to quickly ramp/scale up support services as and when needed.

What Sets us Apart

At Straive, we deliver on customer expectations through our flexible operating model that can support a volume of seasonal variations at scale, apart from offering multi-tier support and the opportunity to redefine customer engagement. We have the ability to ramp up our solutions and scale to suit and meet customers' demands.

Our cost-effective model, armed with ISO 9001, ISO 27001 & PCI Level-1 certifications, offers seamless business continuity. You will work with the best people, programs, processes, and work spaces to achieve absolute results and value.

customer support, customer services, customer experience

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