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Seamless Data Extraction From Complex Documents and Multiple Sources

Seamless Data Extraction From Complex Documents and Multiple Sources

Extracting and transforming data from complex documents manually is a labor-intensive and an error-prone process. Even with multiple resources for data extraction, it can take days or weeks to get actionable information.

Straive intelligent document processing solution helps enterprises to respond to such challenges by capturing, extracting, and processing data from various document formats, including scanned PDFs.

SDP’s data extraction and enrichment module has prebuilt Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning algorithms trained for data extraction. Furthermore, AI technologies, such as natural language processing, computer vision, and deep learning, transform external and alternative data into usable data.

Straive Data Extraction Solution at a Glance

  • Extracts data from 1000+ multiple and diverse sources using AI/ML models
  • Normalizes data extracted from diverse sources and formats
  • Transforms data extracted from the PDF/TXT inputs into client-specific formats

Download our case study “Seamless Data Extraction from Complex Documents and Multiple Sources”. Learn how Straive enabled a real estate marketplace in the US to develop a new property tax assessment database by identifying and extracting data from scanned PDFs hosted in multiple repositories.

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