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Digital Content with data Annotation

Maximizing Content Value & Accuracy with Data Annotation

Digital content needs to be appropriately categorized and classified to improve learners' engagement. However, an enormous amount of learning content poses a significant challenge. Even with seasoned SMEs, the slightest of errors can lead to issues like:

  • Falling short of quality and consistent annotations
  • Poor supervision can complicate and undermine annotation processes

Annotations are brief notes that follow each citation listed in any textbook. Their main goal is to summarize and explain the topics correctly. There are several benefits of annotations, such as:

  • It helps students uncover patterns, notice essential words, and identify main points
  • It enables better learning strategy and improves comprehension and retention

Straive’s solutions bring people, processes, and technology together to help educational institutes and eLearning firms with annotations to help their students increase their engagement and expand their learning.

Download our case study to learn how we enabled a leading eLearning giant with 180,000 data decks in 60 days and realize 60% cost savings.

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