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Accessibility - Making Scientific Videos Accessible to a Wider Audience

Making Scientific Videos Accessible to a Wider Audience

The leading publisher of peer-reviewed scientific journals and videos produces 100+ new videos monthly. These videos are primarily aimed at researchers, educators, and students across the globe. The publisher sought a solution to localize their 10,000+ Videos across 11+ international languages to increase their audience base.

This case study takes a look at how Straive leveraged its proprietary Al-automated cloud-based dubbing platform

  • To make these videos accessible to a wider non-English speaking audience
  • Enables subscribers to gain from the rich pool of educational and research assets
  • Reduces cost by about 90%

Straive's proprietary SmartDub technology makes it easy for text-to-speech to be synchronized with the original dialogue and rendered into the input video.

Download our case study to know how Straive has helped an STM publisher extend video reach to a broader audience and enable subscribers to benefit from the knowledge assets.

Download Case Study >>