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Making Learning More Accessible

Making Learning More Accessible

Those with visual impairments are limited in their ability to absorb information as they cannot understand the content of an image unless alt text is provided. Alt text can be challenging to write when dealing with images depicting complex information like charts, equations, and graphs. This is especially true for scientific journals and educational materials.

One of the largest education technology companies sought to make its educational materials accessible to all users.

Straive implemented a hybrid model in which resources from both external and internal teams collaborated to improve the scale and efficiency of the accessible content creation process. Benefits delivered include:

  • 75% Reduction in Manpower & Cost
  • Alt Text for 140K images was handled within 9 months
  • 15+ Domains / Subjects handled

Download our case study to learn how Straive helped a leading education technology company deliver quality learning experiences to all learners

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