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Increase Productivity & Customer Experience with a Data-driven Approach

Increase Productivity & Customer Experience with a Data-driven Approach

Accurate data classification and mapping are the key imperatives to deriving insights and value from external customer data. However, manual operations are error-prone and add further complexities to data acquisition.

Enterprises are looking to improve productivity and accuracy in data extraction processes. Straive offers a lean and agile approach to enhance the productivity and TAT in the data extraction process.

Straive’s data extraction solution leverages a data-driven approach, including:

  • Quick and accurate onboarding of internal and external customer data into a single platform
  • Real-time and persistent matching and resolution at scale to create unique customer profiles
  • Enrich personally identifiable information with owned and public data
  • Develop and integrate complete customer profiles seamlessly into legacy systems and data pipelines

Download Case Study to learn how we enabled a US-based global leader in commercial data and analytics to improve the productivity and quality of their number assigning process at an industrial scale.

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