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Improving User Experience and Cross-Domain Search Capabilities

Improving User Experience and Cross-Domain Search Capabilities

A leading international standards organization, known for developing and publishing technical standards across various domains, faced challenges with its search interface. The existing linear interface made it difficult for users to find relevant documents efficiently. Furthermore, the organization's extensive content coverage across multiple subjects necessitated a cross-domain search capability to enhance search effectiveness and efficiency.

To overcome these challenges, the standards developing organization (SDO) chose to collaborate with Straive. Leveraging Straive's expertise, the SDO sought to implement a new search interface to improve user experience and streamline the search process. Additionally, the project also required the development of cross-domain search capabilities to ensure users could easily find relevant content across subjects. Learn how Straive's custom-built solution helped:

  • Enhance search efficiency

  • Reduce search time and improve productivity

  • Enhance user experience through cross-domain content exploration

Download the case study to know more about how Straive helped the international standards organization transform its search interface and enhance user experience.

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