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Content Visibility with AI-led Solution

Enhancing Content Visibility with AI-led Solution

Improving the accuracy of abstracts and reducing TAT

An abstract highlights the key points in a document and helps a reader ascertain if it is a useful resource. However, manually creating abstracts is a time-consuming and error-prone process. Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps enterprises overcome the challenges of manual abstract creation processes.

Our end-to-end data solution leverages ‘Straive Data Platform (SDP)’ to automate the abstract creation process. It improves the turnaround time of abstract creation from complex documents and multiple sources at reduced costs.

Straive’s Data solution offers:

  • Accurate and concise technical summaries of patentability parameters
  • Translation engine for 15+ languages
  • Value added patent abstracts with bibliographic information

Download Case Study to learn how Straive helped a U.K-based company that is a leader in providing trusted insights and analytics to accelerate innovation to automate their patent abstraction process.

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