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Enabling Discoverability and Relevance of Academic Content

Enabling Discoverability and Relevance of Academic Content

As a leading academic publisher based in the US, it is vital to ensure the credibility and value of content for the publisher and its society partners. Recognizing the importance of discoverability, the publisher sought to create and implement new taxonomies and classification systems, empowering users to find relevant and valuable academic content effortlessly.

Leveraging Straive's proficiency in taxonomy, thesaurus, ontology build, indexing, and classification, the publisher aimed to streamline and enhance the discoverability and relevance of academic content. Whether through the creation of new taxonomies or the modification and adaptation of existing ones, the goal was to establish a robust framework that would effectively organize and categorize the vast array of content on their online platform.

The collaboration between the academic publisher and Straive yielded significant outcomes, including:

  • Enhanced discoverability and credibility through new taxonomies and classification systems

  • Improved platform navigation for users to find relevant content

  • Increased user satisfaction and value derived from academic resources

Download the case study to explore the benefits of creating new taxonomies and implementing effective classification systems.

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