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Peer Review process

Managing Efficient Peer Review Process

Peer review ensures that papers published in scientific journals address significant research questions and derive accurate conclusions based on well-designed experimentation. The peer review process acts as a filter to ensure that only high-quality research is published.

A leading open access publisher was experiencing a significant rise in submissions and could not scale up internally to support this growth. Straive enabled a 2-site ramp strategy to support quick ramp as well as provide for business continuity. A team of 40 FTEs was set up within 12 weeks to manage volume influx.

The Straive team exceeded the client’s objective of handling higher volumes within their projected Turn Around Time (TAT), creating tremendous positive business and reputational impact for the client:

  • Risk mitigation with geographic BCP
  • Improved level of service
  • 7-fold surge in team size

Download our Peer Review Management case study to learn how Straive brought flexibility and scale to meet client growth.

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