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Straive featured in ISG Provider Lens™ Contact Center — Customer Experience Services Global Report 2021

Straive recognized for its capabilities across multiple quadrants- Digital Operations, AI & Analytics, Work from Home Services & Social Media Services

The evolving digital technologies have radically transformed the way of customer engagement. With the digital disruption, enterprises need to revamp their customer service strategies across diverse channels to enrich the customer journey. Effective and personalized resolutions hold the key to ensuring a better and seamless customer experience across various channels.

Straive, with their experience, knowledge, and deep domain expertise, helped steer the customer journey, including best-in-class navigation, through an ecosystem of rapid customer evolution and development. We have a robust suite of technology tailored to meet customer expectations, thereby enhancing sales, product, and service.

Straive drives Operational Excellence

Straive has been featured as a 'Contender' with Global footprints in the following quadrants owing to its proficiency in driving business agility and operational excellence in customer support services

  • Digital Operations
  • AI & Analytics
  • Work from Home Services
  • Social Media customer experience (CX) Services

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