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Open Access To Research Data

Research Content Services

Straive is the largest and most diverse solution provider to the scholarly publishing industry. We are strategic partners to leading players offering technology, content, and workflow solutions to achieve better business outcomes. We work with commercial publishers, university presses, open-access publishers and associations supporting journals, books. MRWs, conference proceedings, and database products/platforms.

Straive content specialists operating from 12 cities across 5 countries enable geographic risk mitigation, rapid scaling, and native language skills.

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Bring Out End To End Services

Open Access To Research Data & Data Sharing Practices - Open Access to research data

Open Access To Research Data & Data Sharing Practices

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Webinar Unstructured Data = Big Opportunity & How To Harness It?

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Full Suite of Solutions

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Peer Review Management

Straive is the largest provider of offshore peer review support solutions with experience across leading PRM platforms.

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Publishing Operations

Our team of experienced specialists act as an extension of your in-house teams managing relationships, schedules, designs, and rights.

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Editorial & Production

Straive makes the process future ready through workflow reengineering, intelligent automation, and standardization.

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Straive’s digital team helps enhance user experience and reach larger audiences through interactive, localized, and accessibility-enabled products.

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Content products need to be discoverable and categorized accurately to have any impact on consumption. We work with publishers to make it happen.

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Data & Insights

We cater to the challenge of data being present in multiple systems with different levels of quality and help build an efficient & effective bridging solution.

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education content services


Our team of engineers manage content loading, testing and troubleshooting on your delivery platform.

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Customer Support

Achieve higher customer satisfaction and lower back-office operation costs through our 24x7 CoE.

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Journals & Books pages produced annually

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Database products curated

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Peer Review Editorial Assistants

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Project Managers/ Production Editors

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Platform-centric solutions with innovation at core

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