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About Us

Wisdom, the ability to apply knowledge to the real world with discernment, is critical for today’s enterprise. However, wisdom becomes available to the enterprise after the iterative application of knowledge to multiple long-tail experiments.

Straive accelerates clients towards this knowledge-powered, sustainable competitive advantage, creating differentiated customer experiences and products with enhanced efficiency and speed.

We combine data-driven insights with enterprise know-how to create knowledge unique to an enterprise and its specific problems. This "specific knowledge” is embedded into digital technology & AIs and operationalized with human experts-in-loop, who facilitate iterative improvements in the technology while navigating the complexity that it can’t yet address.

In this way, our 15,000+ global team assists clients in operationalizing the Data → Insights → Knowledge → AI value chain. Our multi-decade experience helping clients across industries forms the unique foundation of our full-stack capabilities.


Scientific Research & Publishing

Content Operations

Editorial & Production

Technology & Platform

Customer Experience


  • Data
  • Insights
  • Knowledge
  • AI
  • Operations

Making Data Analysis-ready

Data Extraction

Data Curation & Enrichment

Data Strategy & Management

Cloud Data Architecture

Data Integration & Governance

Quality & Audit

The Straive Promise

Accelerating customers' evolution through Data & AI

Level 1: Emergent Enterprises

Customer experience transformation driven by client escalations. Nascent data analytics capability; operations automation leveraged widely.

Level 2: Reactive Enterprises

AI-powered automation in specific tools and processes. Low level of customer personalization. Relatively undifferentiated experiences and products.

Level 3: Proactive Enterprises

Simpler customer experiences become straight-through. Transformation based on data from operational/financial KPIs within pre-determined customer segment/journey combos.

Level 4: Adaptive Enterprises

Digital-first operations with AI-powered customer interfaces enable multiple user-defined journeys. Continuous data-driven insights from “enterprise-customer” edge.

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