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The Radical Transformation of Textbooks

Transform legacy learning content to digital native formats

The global textbook market is in a state of flux as it is rapidly moving toward digital textbooks, fueled by improving technology, improving broadband services, and preferences from teachers, parents, students, and educational stakeholders. However, this wasn’t the case a few years back when there was growing resistance to digital textbook adoption due to:

  1. Devices causing distractions
  2. Digital textbooks causing physical and mental fatigue
  3. Inability to highlight or mark pages

Rapidly advancing technologies being brought into the classrooms positively impact the quality of education being delivered. Today students and teachers unanimously agree on the benefits of using digital textbooks in education. Digital textbooks aim to simplify and enhance the overall learning experience by:

  1. Making the learning process interactive and engaging
  2. Making resources available anytime and anywhere
  3. Providing updated content to students all-round the year

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