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eLearning Experience with Instructional Design

Enriching eLearning Experience with Instructional Design

The pace at which the current business environment changes has made organizations realize that their success or survival depends on how prepared their employees are for the future. Companies are embarking on large capability development projects to reskill and upskill their teams, and sound instructional design is a critical enabler in achieving this goal.

Instructional designers create and deliver educational and training materials to learners from all walks of life in various ways. For the corporate sector, instructional designers are the ones that systematically collect, process, and analyze data, determining if employees were adequately educated. The success of any instructional design depends on the following:

  1. Providing a robust conceptual foundation in Instructional design and building on the practical aspects
  2. Pedagogy must include a blend of interactive virtual and live sessions
  3. Digital content must be available & contextualize properly for better understanding

Our experienced instructional designers can play the role of facilitator, researcher, and innovator while writing the content. Armed with a versatile skill set, they use the latest e-learning tools, technology, and software to design practical learning courses and materials, thus, ensuring high levels of user engagement and meeting the intended objectives.

Download our whitepaper on Instructional Design to learn more about Instructional Design, models, and how Straive’s instructional design experts design specifications and storyboard e-learning programs.

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