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Transfer Desk Assistance

Straive’s Transfer Desk Assistance (TDA) application offers alternative journals to publishers to publish an author’s article if a journal rejects it. Thus, the author does not have to approach another publisher, and our clients do not lose out on business. 

TDA receives an email with information on the rejected article through the ML/AI scheme. It retrieves the article using the metadata in the email body--journal-title (original journal submitted), article title, author’s name, author’s email, manuscript ID, and abstract. Next, it identifies similar, better-suited journals for the article. Once the author decides, TDA passes on this information to the support team to coordinate with the author on submitting the article to the new journal.


⦁ Web-based solution

⦁ Includes analytics & reporting

⦁ Provides administration, user management, and user access privileges 

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