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Making Reviewer Search & Selection faster

Straive’s Reviewer Suite helps automate the peer review process, from assisting publishers in identifying potential peer reviewers to providing them with a recommendation report using our data analytics tool. Thus, we enable them to make better decisions and also speed up the entire process.

Challenges with the current peer review system

Currently, it takes around a few hundred days for an article to get published from the day it is sent for a peer review. The process includes

  • Identifying potential peer reviewers
  • Reviewing the manuscript depending on the specifications of the journal it is meant for
  • Updating the article and passing the peer review process.

Reviewer Suite offers quality, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency

An increasing number of publishers have opted to use Straive’s peer reviewer services due to a faster turnaround time and the stringent reviewer selection process. Our postgraduate subject matter experts and a team of reviewer selection editors identify suitable reviewers by analyzing the manuscript to be reviewed and the publication history of potential reviewers by following specific criteria, including conflict of interest checks.

Benefits of Straive’s Reviewer Suite

  • Constant monitoring of quality SLAs to achieve the goals
  • Swift recruitment and further training of SMEs, thus, enabling a quick transition and saving clients’ costs
  • Business Continuity in situations such as lockdown through virtual recruitment and training
  • Active involvement in the process – from giving feedback to suggesting the tools to be used – thus, ensuring improvements in the overall work
  • Constant monitoring of quality and Turnaround Time KPIs
  • Services across multiple disciplines – Biomedical, Engineering, Physical Sciences, and the Humanities
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Highest quality standards during reviewer selection

Reviewer Certificate Program

Straive’s Reviewer Certificate Program involves the creation and distribution of certificates of appreciation to qualified reviewers. Our team facilitates a yearly program by retrieving reviewer reports, creating certificate templates, and sending electronic certificates via email.

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