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Publishing Platform

Straive’s proprietary tools and platforms suite is designed to take care of the entire content publishing lifecycle. Our Publishing Platform offers a comprehensive set of tools that can support millions of pages every year with services such as language editing before submission, production editing for clients, and journals, including web-based artwork, auto pagination, and transfer desk services.

Publishing Platform Applications

Online Proofing System

A state-of-the-art HTML-based application with a WYSIWYG system that allows an author, a group of authors, or editors to proofread and directly make corrections to their book content.

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Transfer Desk Assistance

Straive’s TDA application offers alternative and better-suited journals for publishers to publish an author’s article if a journal rejects it, helping authors and ensuring clients don’t lose out on business.

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Auto Indexing System

Our InDEXr application automates the identification of index terms via ML/NLP while enabling users to add/edit/format them, decide their order, and picks up keywords based on the subject domain.

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Auto QC Tool

0zone harnesses the power of automation to identify and indicate error-free pages, ensuring the proof-reader no longer wastes time working on pages with errors and improving efficiency.

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Reference Editing

Straive’s eXcite is a web-based application hosted in the AWS and embedded with an ML-based reference structuring engine that increases productivity and reduces the copy-editing process time.

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Web-Based Image Processing

Kromatix is a web-based artwork platform that analyzes and extracts figures from raw files and resizes them based on the given template to ensure a smooth and transparent workflow.

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Language Assessment and Grammar Checking

Straive’s Grammier application provides professional language solutions using advanced NLP techniques to keep in check style and typographical errors, grammar, and spellings, improving the flow and accuracy of the content.

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LaTeX Based Pagination

TeXCel is a complete publishing solution that supports multiple publishers and provides a LaTeX source at any stage, with a standard and journal-specific auto-editing system for the content.

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Browser-Based Copy-editing

NODI is an XML-based copy-editing tool that allows a copy editor to read and edit the submitted, pre-filled XML file, with an auto-edit function and a content checker that lists possible errors.

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Completeness and Usability Check

Our CUC is an in-house tool that automates validating components within a manuscript based on set rules and verifies references while monitoring predatory journals.

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