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Online Proofing System

Straive’s state-of-the-art HTML-based application, the Online Proofing System (OPS), allows an author, a group of authors, or editors to proofread and directly make corrections to their book content. The OPS is an easy-to-use “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) system, unlike traditional PDF-based proofing, where authors can only indicate changes as PDF annotations. OPS also allows multiple users to access and edit the same content simultaneously.   


⦁ Allows the review of page proofs in HTML format in a web-based system

⦁ Enables editing of text and math equations, image replacement, and comment insertion

⦁ Eliminates the need for collation of corrections

⦁ Allows PEs/editors/proofreaders to review and edit an author’s changes

⦁ Generates a “corrected” PDF after identifying corrections

⦁ Provides customizable workflow for every proof permitted on the platform

⦁ Includes analytics & reporting

⦁ Provides administration, user management, and user access privileges

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