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Freelance Management System

Straive’s proprietary platform, the Freelance Management System (FMS), facilitates your freelancing processes and unlocks organizational efficiencies.

FMS also allows Straive to manage clients and project managers, each having access to the system and receiving custom-made reports based on their role. In addition, FMS manages notifications and contracts for each freelancer.

The system offers the ability to search for and allocate jobs, track the status of a particular project, and send broadcast and other messages between clients and freelancers.

Manage your Freelance Workforce Efficiently

Freelancers fill critical skills and workforce gaps for companies. They provide just-in-time professional support on an on-demand basis, giving companies the flexibility to allocate human resources efficiently. The freelancing trend promises companies a broad spectrum of skills and workers in an era of a constant ‘war for talent.’

Identifying, managing, and resource payments are a series of processes that need a variety of specialist capabilities, both technology and human subject matter expertise. An integrated freelance management system connects and facilitates the entire workflow efficiently — from hiring to analytics—clears hurdles and streamlines the value chain.

Simplicity benefits all parties. Freelancers should be able to simply enter their details, monitor their projects, and receive analytics on their performance. Companies should not have to worry about payment compliance hassles or finding suitable talent from an online database.

Straive’s Freelance Management System provides real-time centralization and integration with API-driven custom usability. Therefore, companies can rapidly and cost-effectively fulfill their workforce requirements.

The Freelancer Management System allows customers and project managers to access the system and receive bespoke reports based on their roles. It manages notifications and contracts for each freelancer and offers the ability to search for and allocate jobs, track the status of a particular project, and send broadcasts and other communications between clients and freelancers.

Straive’s freelancer management system consists of several core modules for end-to-end processing

  • Access & role management
  • User management
  • Project management
  • Email/notification management
  • Dashboard & reports
  • Invoices & RFIP

Straive’s FMS is underpinned by a multi-tenant database that integrates workflows and assures you peace of mind.

Freelancer onboarding

  • The client or project owner creates a new freelancer request
  • Freelancer completes a link to fill out details
  • Contracts are signed digitally through eSignature platforms such as DocuSign, Adobe sign, etc.


  • Ability to search and allocate jobs
  • Tracking of job status
  • Delivery approval and performance rating


  • Customized invoicing templates
  • Approval process
  • Seamless integration with your SAP/S4HANA payment system
  • Payment status can be updated through API


  • Broadcast messages
  • Messages between clients and freelancers
  • Reminders and Alerts can be configured


  • Freelancer user DB/authentication
  • Client SSO authentication/2FA
  • Workflow configuration
  • Role-based access levels


  • Standard performance reports
  • Spend summary
  • Performance summary
  • BI Reports and Analytics

The Straive Freelance Management System Edge

Straive’s FMS pioneers an innovative platform approach for quick and straightforward freelancing workflows. The contractor management software helps customers save time, money, and resources in onboarding talent while reducing compliance risks and accelerating productivity scores. We provide data services, subject matter expertise (SME), and technology solutions to our clients in multiple domains, such as Research Content, eLearning/EdTech, and Data/Information providers.

Also, we have a customer base scoping across 30 countries worldwide. Thus, we understand enterprise needs and processes well, and it’s woven into our freelancer project management systems.

Benefit from Rapid Transformation

Straive freelance management system brings the power of automation-based freelance workforce management that helps you optimize resources for strategic and productive tasks. The enterprise human resources system is empowered with tools to make better hiring and integration decisions. From talent sourcing to exit, end-to-end capabilities are more manageable because data and analytics guide them.

  • Access talent databases at scale to source the best matches
  • Accelerate recruitment and selection with data-based screening practices
  • Enjoy cost savings and reduced time-to-hire
  • Use data-powered technologies to plan your workforce size and talent deployment with flexible scheduling
  • Streamline compliance management (e.g., intelligent background checks)
  • Integrate multiple pay bands and types with tax compliance processes

Simplicity and speed with FMS

Work Easy

Optimize costs, and minimize administrative and compliance bottlenecks

Complete Visibility

Remove blind spots within workflows for effective integrations

Automation with a Human Touch

Enjoy automation efficiencies with SME interventions where necessary

End-to-end Platform

An integrated approach for a competitive edge

Key components for Freelance management system

Technical Architecture

Technical Architecture for freelance management

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