freelance management system

Freelance Management System

Freelance Management System

Freelance Management System (FMS) is Straive’s proprietary platform for managing both internal and external freelancers.

FMS also allows Straive to manage clients and project managers, each having access to the system and receiving custom-made reports based on their role. In addition, FMS manages notifications and contracts for each freelancer.

The system offers the ability to search for and allocate jobs, track the status of a particular project, and send broadcast and other messages between clients and freelancers.

Key Components

Freelancer onboarding

  • Client or project owner creates a new freelancer request
  • Freelancer completes a link to fill out details
  • Contracts are signed digitally through eSignature platforms such as DocuSign, Adobe sign, etc.


  • Ability to search and allocate jobs
  • Tracking of job status
  • Delivery approval and rating


  • Customized invoicing templates
  • Approval process
  • Payment status can be updated through API



  • Broadcast messages
  • Messages between clients and freelancers


  • Freelancer user DB/authentication
  • Client SSO authentication
  • Workflow configuration
  • Role-based access levels


  • Standard performance reports
  • Spend summary
  • Performance summary
  • Custom reports through Business Intelligence tools integration
Key components for Freelance management system

Technical Architecture

Technical Architecture for freelance management

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