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Straive’s eXcite is a web-based application hosted in the AWS and embedded with an ML-based reference structuring engine. The application allows separate bibliography processing from the document and validation against online databases for accuracy in structure and content according to the specific copy-editing rules of the journal. References that fail to meet standards are flagged to the users. The result is an increase in productivity with a reduction in the time spent on the copy-editing process.  

An HTML view of the individual references within an article is displayed to users, during the human validation process with eXcite, with options for manual structuring, query insertion, auto-structuring, bib-verification, etc. It also allows users to navigate to each reference to check for accuracy. Upon submission, a compiled JSON or individual XML is made available, which moves along with the manuscript to the other stages of production.    

eXcite is connected to the internal workflow system using the web API and can be extended to the client-side using similar API signaling. It also comprises a dashboard that provides:  

  • details of all the documents processed.  
  • the total references in every document.  
  • consolidated and individual references.  


  • Handles track revisions made during manual touch   
  • Showcases all the references in a document in HTML view for user validation of references in one go   
  • Handles references received at a later stage during production   
  • Handles book-end and footnote references   
  • Includes spell checker in the web interface  
  • Handles LaTeX inputs

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