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Accessibility Solutions

Accessibility Solutions

As people experience web content differently, it is vital that everyone, including those with disabilities, can understand the content as intended. Accessible web content also includes emails and documents shared digitally, such as PDFs.

Accessibility is a must for legal compliance. It also helps improve the user experience, connects you with more customers, and builds trust and credibility.

Document Accessibility

Straive provides document accessibility solutions for designing and structuring accessible documents for effective use by people with disabilities. These documents are created with a purpose to be as readable by a sighted reader as it would be by a low vision or non-sighted reader.

Different forms of Document accessibility include

Word Icon - Rectangular box depicted w inscribed in it and adjoining rectangular box with several lines

Word Document Accessibility

Involves converting Word to PDFs to allow the screen reader to read the document entirely and correctly.

PDF Icon with a rectangular edges slightly folded at the bottom right and smaller rectangular box wherein PDF inscribed in it.

PDF Accessibility

Includes reading orders, verifying heads, TOC, tagged or untagged PDFs

PowerPoint Icon - Rectangular block with P inscribed in it and adjoining rectangular depicting circular graph with two and a two lines at the bottom.

PowerPoint Accessibility

Includes providing alt-text for images/graphs, etc. through SPACE

InDesign Icon - Square box “ I “ “D” inscribed in it.

InDesign Accessibility

Involves converting Tagged Application files, ePUBs, PDFs from InDesign

Web Accessibility

Straive’s web accessibility solutions ensure that everyone can access your website and mobile apps regardless of barriers, i.e., making sure you haven’t excluded people with visual, hearing, motor, or cognitive impairments from your content.

There is a huge market for web accessibility, and it is no longer limited to publishers. It includes:

  • Auditing
  • Marketing websites
  • Automotive Industry
  • Interactivities for education publishers such as eBooks and PDFs

Media Accessibility

Straive’s media accessibility solutions are aimed at making the following content types accessible

  • Interactive Digital Media - HTML5, Audio, Video, Simulations, Apps
  • Accessibility for Audio / Video files - Audio descriptions and screen captions
  • Descriptive Transcripts
  1. WebVTT file - Track to the video
  2. Start & End of dialogues
  3. Read Aloud screen readers
  4. SmartDub - Localization, Multilingual

How we can help

SPACE: Straive’s Accessibility Conversion & Authoring Tool

SPACE is a platform to convert input documents such as XML, PDF, PPT, and Word documents into an accessible format and ingest alt-text into all images and math-type components in the document. It also ensures the validation of converted documents against WCAG guidelines. SPACE automatically generates Alt-text for math-type equations on its own, while for certain images, it automatically uses additional machine learning to generate Alt-Text. In addition, SPACE has an alt-text Writer and QC Interface, which helps review the quality of the alt-text.


SPACE auto generates alt-text to help people who can’t see the screen understand what’s important in images and other visuals and make the content accessible. Its’ other features include

  • Built-in workflow for alt-text writing and quality control process
  • Support for various input file formats such as Word, PPT, and XML
  • Ability to reuse image descriptions from the repository
  • An algorithm in place to identify image complexity, such as images with graphs or charts
  • Categorization and filtering that uses the text classification approach to classify web pages into desirable and undesirable ones
  • Comment sharing between users
  • Option to view all images with the corresponding alt-text in list view
  • Ability to view the reference document
  • Option for comparing documents
  • Connectors to an ML training model for analysis and prediction

Key Stats


Pages and slides


Alt-text description


Minutes of audio descriptions


Product accessibility specialists

Hours workforce (US, India, Philippines)


Team Size – custom-designed teams and processes

Straive’s accessibility solutions are not limited to just alt-text writing. They also include:

A Set of employee one checking the image on his laptop and the other two discussing on graph at the tablet holding cellphones in their hands.

Website, as well as client product remediation. In the digital world, websites are considered successfully remediated only when they meet all the standards under the WCAG.

A set of people assessing and discussing performance depicting on bar, donut, lined graph, pie chart using laptop calculator and tablet.

A QA process involving a thorough review of accessibility that provides full coverage and consists of a combination of automated and manual testing done by accessibility experts.

A holographic image of file icon and flow chart image of folder containing various set of files. A person is working on the laptop.

A part of the production process and includes the conversion of documents into appropriate formats in line with accessibility requirements

A person is working or typing on the laptop.

To make video content accessible to everyone, including people who are unable to view the video due to accessibility problems or technical limitations

Video Transcripts, Captioning
A set of people assessing and discussing performance depicting on bar, donut, lined graph, pie chart using laptop calculator and tablet.

Advanced software and hardware solutions, including screen readers and screen magnification software

Assistive Technology

What Straive can do for you

We can help you comply with WCAG 2.0/2.1 guidelines and ever-evolving industry best practices to ensure compliance and provide equal access to information for everyone.

We deliver results through a combination of SMEs, Process & Technology.

Our Services

  • Consulting: Priorities, processes, standards, tech adoption
  • Audits: Manual/automated testing for WCAG 2.1 compliance
  • Remediation: Retrofitting existing products for accessibility
  • Design: Creating new accessible templates and products
  • Alternative text: Writing screen reader descriptions for images
  • Video adaptation: Captioning, audio descriptions, transcripts

Our tech resources are experts in their fields.

  • For document accessibility, our team members have a good understanding of WCAG2.0/2.1 guidelines, MS Office Automation – C#, VB.NET, Adobe Automation – PDF and InDesign, JavaScript, and XML
  • For web accessibility, our experts are well-versed with HTML5, JavaScript, Web Scraping/Crawling, and CSS Scripting

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