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Completeness and Usability Check


Straive’s Completeness and Usability Check (CUC) is an in-house tool that automates the validation of components within a manuscript based on set rules. With the help of CUC, we cross-check the manuscript content with multiple websites such as RW, WOS, and ROR databases to check for validity. The tool verifies the references with Cabell’s list while also monitoring predatory journals.

We conduct two types of checks with CUC

JEO Specific Checks to confirm

  • Are any of the authors associated with retracted articles?
  • Are the institutional affiliations associated with the authors legitimate?
  • What is the quality of the English language used in the article?
  • Reference analysis — How many references are cited and the kind of references?
  • Are the authors self-citing their own work?
  • Does the article mention retracted articles?
  • How recent is the literature cited?
  • Are the journals citing recognized sources?
  • Figure size/resolution

Basic checks to confirm

Metadata and Title Page comparison
  • The authors’ names and affiliations
  • The corresponding authors’ name and email address to ensure the address is not a commercial one
  • The abstract and keywords
Completeness check
  • The body of the manuscript and references are checked, along with the style of references used
  • The figures, including the number of figures and citations
  • The tables, including the table count and citations
  • The required statements, such as COI, ethics, authors' contributions, etc. are also checked

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