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0zone is Straive’s most recent, most advanced, and highly automated Journal and Books production platform. It leverages the power of automation to identify error-free pages by stamping them as certified pages.

The traditional auto pagination system produces a 60-90% output quality based on its complexity and standard templates. As the system does not specify which pages require modifications and updates, the quality team spends a lot of time checking all the pages to identify the ones with errors.   

With Ozone, the proofreader no longer wastes time working on pages with errors, thereby improving efficiency.

Key Statistics (From 2020, till date)

  • Reviewed 10000+ QC-marked pages
  • Established 100+ built-in rules and validated pages as error-free based on these
  • Processed over 1 million pages from books and journals in 3B2 and InDesign
  • Reduced error per page

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