Straive- Connecting the dots for STM Publishing

STM publishing continues to evolve and serve a wide array of academic & scientific communities. Rise of open access, impact of changing commercial models, and the shifting end-user demand for enriched and enhanced content are rapidly transforming this market.

Straive is the largest solutions provider to the research content industry and a strategic partner in this transformation. We work with leading players in the industry including commercial publishers, university presses, open access publishers and societies supporting journals, books, MRWs, and database products/platforms. Our full suite of solutions straddle from manuscript development, peer review management, publishing operations, discovery engine to delivery and customer engagement

What we do

Peer Review Management – Straive

Peer Review Management

Straive is one of the leaders in end-to-end support of stakeholders across the peer review cycle including author helpdesk, reviewer search, submission screening, editorial assistant and transfer desk

Content Digital – Straive


Straive’s digital team helps enhance user experience and reach larger audiences through interactive, localized, and accessibility enabled products

Content Prodcution Services – Straive

Editorial & Production

Straive redefines content editorial and production services by a holistic approach that includes workflow analysis and process reengineering in addition to the use of intelligent technology as part of our Publishing Platform

Publishing Operations - Straive

Publishing Operations

Straive has taken over many of the key publishing operations role that deal with project schedule, quality and stakeholder management acting as an extension of the publisher’s teams. These include Production Editors, Rights Specialists, Design Specialists etc.

Content  Discovery - Straive


Straive is one of the leaders in working with publishers to make content products discoverable and categorized correctly in order to see impact on consumption. In addition, we link products to create unique databases as well as provides useful analytics and consumption experiences.

Unstructured data and actionable insight – Straive

Data & Insights

We cater to the challenge of data being present in multiple systems with different levels of quality. Straive’s data expertise can help build a bridging solution that is efficient and effective.

Content Technology – Straive


Straive’s technology platforms and point solutions enables our clients to reduce legacy platform support costs and make their workflows future ready

Customer Service and Customer support – Straive

Customer Support

Our deep understanding of the publisher value chain, complemented by our support team’s warmth and professional attitude, makes a difference in our customers’ sales, marketing, and customer support processes.

our impact

Bringing out our end-to-end services

Straive’s full suite of solutions straddle from manuscript development, peer review management, publishing operations, discovery engine to delivery and customer engagement.


Creating MARC Records

Straive’s  MARC distribution platform facilitates customized MARC record creation with data-rich tagging, according to MARC standards and AACR 2 and RDA rules.

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Case Study

Emerging content formats

We take a look at how emerging content formats are playing a vital role in modernizing the entire scholarly publication process.

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How has the Pandemic Changed Scholarly Communication?

From a rise in preprints and virtual conferences to global collaboration and data sharing, scholarly communication has undergone a massive uptick in terms of use and purpose.

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Transfer Desk

Here’s how we tackle the opportunity to increase author goodwill by routing rejected manuscripts to appropriate journals within a publisher’s portfolio

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Case Study

Reviewer Search

Straive provides reviewer selection service as part of peer review administration support for a leading journal publisher.

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Case Study

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