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Data Extraction Services – Information Extraction, Text Intelligence

Data Extraction

Overview of Data Extraction and Text Intelligence

Did you know that nearly 80%-90% of the data that your company has access to today is unstructured?

This data is mainly in text form, including annual reports, press releases, scientific publications, customer transcripts, title deeds, and more. The process of manual data extraction is tedious and time-consuming. Moreover, some of the data is in the form of scanned PDFs and images, adding another layer of complexity. Hence, the text intelligence process is required to analyze valuable insights from this data.

Not accessing and using this data means you are not unlocking potential insights for your organization. Hence, your organization misses out on a significant opportunity to accelerate innovation and boost revenue. Data extraction tools help you unlock substantial insights that fasten business growth.

Straive’s data extraction tool is built with the best-in-class AI and ML technologies for data extraction enrichment and delivery

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Key Differentiators

of Straive’s data extraction solution

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End-to-end platform-based information extraction NLP solution with an integrated workflow for driving automation at any scale

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Pre-built high-quality ML models requiring very limited training datasets to make them production-ready

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Proprietary pre-processing layer to reduce noise before processing

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Combine best-in-class industry data extraction solutions like OCR with the custom approach of NLP and ML for better accuracy

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Straive’s text intelligence solution offers scalable data extraction, enrichment, and delivery across enterprises with easy onboarding of new sources and data formats with minimal changes

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Straive’s information extraction tool allows straight-through processing by converting unstructured text data into structured datasets using automated solutions.

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Straive’s text intelligence solution establishes auditable lineage to ensure traceability to the source document

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Cost Savings

Straive’s key information extraction method helps you save up to 60% of costs compared to existing business processes.

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Time to market

Straive’s data extraction tools reduce data latency and turn-around time from on-boarding to delivery


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