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Study Support


Straive goes beyond focusing only on creating and developing e-Learning courses to offer study support services through the student’s educational journey. We aim to prepare and handhold learners, helping them understand concepts better and enjoy the learning process.

From recruiting and managing quality tutors and textbook solutions offering step-by-step answers, our experts also provide 24/7 support to students who need help on assignments.  

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Our Solutions

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Tutoring Support

Straive recruits tutors for its’ clients and provides end-to-end management services, from screening and training tutors and resolving their grievances to managing their payment schedules.

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Textbook Solutions 

Straive offers students step-by-step and concise answers presented in a simple language, thus, helping them understand concepts effortlessly and navigate complex problems efficiently. 

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Straive offers an online process for students’ toughest coursework, where experts monitor questions posted by students and provide clear explanations in a step-by-step manner round-the-clock. 

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