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Questions and Answers


Straive offers Q&A platform solutions to help students with the toughest coursework with a live process. Students who need help on assignments post questions on the Q&A platform, where they receive help 24/7. Our experts monitor the questions posted by students on the portal and provide clear explanations in a step-by-step manner. 

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  • We author concise solutions for the client’s platform
  • Our Experts use different ways to post answers, including written by hand, images, typed via word documents, Mathtype, spreadsheets, etc.
  • We provide conceptually and grammatically accurate and well-formatted solutions and validate them before making them available on the client platform


The disciplines that are currently covered under Q&A comprise:

Definition Creation

Some of our clients also offer definition creation as part of technical support to students. Our experts are given subject-specific terminologies, which are then clearly explained to students.

Some of the subjects comprise:

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