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Public Data Intelligence Overview 

In today’s technologically competitive world, your company must go beyond its internal databases and tap into the vast amount of data available on the web to identify new products, understand customers’ needs and pain points, track regulatory changes, and create new opportunities for growth to stay ahead of the competition.

However, as most of this is unstructured data, enterprises struggle to access or make sense of it with their traditional data and analytics services & solutions. Also, unstructured data is constantly changing and has several quality concerns, making it time-consuming and expensive to clean and nearly difficult to use.

Public data intelligence, data Intelligence,

How Does Public Data Intelligence Fit In?

The Straive Data Platform (SDP) can be used to mine a variety of data from across the web and configured for any public data source.

It comes pre-built with connectors for regulatory websites, corporate registries, government data stores, company websites, courts, patent organizations, and various data sources.

The collection can be automated through the platform, and it can monitor websites for any changes or new information in real-time.

SDP extracts relevant content, de-duplicates, structures, and normalizes the content for easy consumption.

An illustration of how SDP can be used to extract executive contacts from public sources 

Key Differentiators

of Our Public Data Intelligence Solutions

  • Extracts and processes data from websites in any format and complexity including, captcha and paginated sources, and offers highly advanced data extraction capabilities leveraging ML- and NLP-based algorithms
  • Automated identification of accurate URLs from keywords or names and the ability to navigate to the correct pages from the sitemap
  • Highly configurable data solutions platform with the ability to monitor data sources and provide alerts in case of changes or new information
  • Compliance check for permission to scrape data by checking robots.txt and an integrated RPA model to extract data from websites that do not permit web-scraping
  • Acquires and translates content from non-English websites with an Integrated translation engine
  • Supports repeatable scripts to extract data from multiple websites when the same entities are involved

Use Cases for Straive’s Public Data Intelligence Solutions

Public Records

Extract records such as lawsuits, liens, judgements, bankruptcy details, legislations, etc. from various courts, and legislative, and regulatory websites to verify customers and assess business risks

News Aggregation

Aggregate and analyze data from open and paid news feeds to monitor adverse media coverage and PR, track ESG controversies, and receive alerts over executive changes or market-moving events

Company Information

Identify different data points about a company such as registration details, management, financial information, mergers and acquisitions, subsidiaries, etc., by integrating data from various sources such as regulatory websites, stock exchanges, press releases, company websites, and newswires.

Competitor Intelligence

Develop and maintain a comprehensive and updated database of your competitor’s information, including product launches, pricing, customer feedback, content SEO, and job openings, by monitoring company websites, eCommerce portals, social media handles, and job boards

People and Contacts

Identify key contacts such as executive leadership, procurement heads, and IT leaders of top companies to help in sales and marketing activities by extracting and monitoring information on LinkedIn, company websites, and news feeds

Consumer Sentiment

Extract and monitor unsolicited consumer feedback across social media channels, eCommerce websites, and product review websites to analyze the criticism, identify new opportunities, and find areas of improvement

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