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Research Integrity

The Straive Research Integrity team of professionals have extensive experience of the end-to-end peer review cycle and specialize in ensuring the integrity of the published content. Our support architecture is based on cloud technology and comprises a broad range of solutions, assuring the utmost integrity of the research content

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Apart from assistance to authors/reviewers over troubleshooting of issues, we also provide answers to queries around publishing policies and OA charges, and system training for editors.

peer review management, peer review support

Editorial Office Support

Editorial support includes end-to-end support for the peer review process, including review submission, assigning it to reviewers, monitoring the progress by tracking the submissions and deadlines, and chasing editors and authors and MS disposition. It also includes setup and configuration in the peer review system, and database clean-up/updates.

peer review management, peer review support

Transfer Desk

A scalable, independent workflow solution in which manuscripts are analyzed using advanced technology, taking into account submission preferences and any editor or reviewer comments to identify the best journals for the research. Our SME editorial support solutions help editors with more complex processes that involve domain knowledge by connecting them with highly qualified Masters/Doctorate holders with prior experience in publishing research.

peer review management, peer review support

Reviewer Search

Identifying suitable reviewers for the manuscript based on research by our SMEs via databases and various selection rules

peer review management, peer review support

Publishing Assistant

Reviewing of the manuscript by SMEs to help editors and reviewers with desk rejects, transfers or decision support.

Manuscript Assessment

Includes technical assessment, completeness checks, suitability for journals, and enhanced editorial checks consisting of screening of submissions for approval from the ethics committee, trial registration, patient consent, funding, biosafety, and other high-risk areas.


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