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Localization services, professional translation, dubbing services

Localization Services

Localization is key to winning the hearts and minds of customers. It goes beyond translation by making content culturally and linguistically relevant and contextually easy to understand.

Straive helps you rapidly localize content, thus, improving the customer experience, helping you discover new markets, and gain additional value from existing assets.

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Our capabilities

Content localization services

Recognizing the importance of localization in today’s tech-savvy business scenario, Straive offers high-quality and scalable localization services to satisfy every language requirement. Our team of experts ensures that your product and content sound authentic within the locales you’re targeting to give you a competitive edge and expand your market. Straive localizes all types of content across print and digital formats, including:

  • Websites
  • Software
  • E-books and I-books
  • E-learning
  • Training material
  • Online applications
  • Mobile apps
  • Subtitles and Graphics
  • User Manuals

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Audio-visual localization services

Straive has extensive experience localizing multimedia applications and works with specialized tools and technologies to ensure best-in-class quality and turnaround time. We help you adapt your multimedia content to appeal to people's cultural preferences in your target markets, irrespective of geography and language, with our portfolio of audio-visual localization services.

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Automated Dubbing Services

Straive offers an end-to-end, high-quality, and cost-effective dubbing solution managed by humans and delivered through an AI-automated and cloud-based platform through a combination of first-in-class technology and human expertise.

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We offer 25+ language translation services across various platforms, covering all major European, Latin American, and Asian languages. We have experienced native translators, interpreters, and our region-specific English editors, to ensure a better-finished product and an improved customer experience.

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