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Interactivity Development


For several years now, Straive has been at the forefront of eLearning, empowering the industry’s top content providers to develop course productions that set the standard for today’s educators. As a full-service provider, we partner with clients throughout the strategic, creative, and integration process, ensuring that learning content exceeds today’s evolving standards. We deliver complete solutions that elevate your eLearning programs to the highest level, whether your course production is designed for K-16, STM, or the corporate market—domestically or internationally.

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Our teams continue to develop new content products for existing HTML standards, including JavaScript and CSS, with an eye on future developments. As a member of the International Digital Publishing Forum Consortium and the EPUB3 working group, Straive is actively involved in setting standards. 

We can provide various levels of animation, including 2D and 3D, to bring your design specifications to life. We work closely with clients to select the right tools and technology to ensure that the interactive platform works across various platforms and devices.

Interactive Learning Development

  • HTML5 Development (Interactive, Customized / proprietary eBooks, Mobile Apps)
  • Interactive LOs (like Drag and drop, Association, Binning, Sorting, Fill in, True /False, Choose the correct answer, Multiple Choice questions, Click and Reveal, etc.)
  • Mobile Apps (iOS, Android and Blackberry)
  • iBook Author
  • Accessibility compliance
  • Interactive Whiteboard Applications
  • Multimedia (2D / #D Animations and Simulations)
  • Course production in LMS, LMS integration
  • Instructional Design
  • Simulations, 2D Games, Augmented Reality, Audio synchronization
  • Video editing, LMS integration

HTML based enhanced eBooks and ePuB

  • Diverse inputs formats - XML, HTML, PDF, typesetting application files.
  • Capability to deliver content to multiple eBook readers like iPad, Kindle, Sony, Nook, Galaxy
  • Controlling design using CSS3 and layout through XSLT
  • Multimedia integrated including audio, video, widgets and interactivity
  • Bookmarketing, search option. navigation, collapsible highlights, internal and external linking
  • Online tutorials and learning objects
  • Video processing / editing

Besides the media assets, we also create many HTML5-based learning objectives, enhanced eBooks, and ePubs for leading publishers.

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