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A student is working with paper , An Ipad and a laptop is there in the laptop - Interactivity development, interactive learning technology

Interactivity Development



Interactive Learning Development

  • HTML5 Development (Interactive, Customized / proprietary eBooks, Mobile Apps)
  • Interactive LOs (like Drag and drop, Association, Binning, Sorting, Fill in, True /False, Choose the correct answer, Multiple Choice questions, Click and Reveal, etc.)
  • Mobile Apps (iOS, Android and Blackberry)
  • iBook Author
  • Accessibility compliance
  • Interactive Whiteboard Applications
  • Multimedia (2D / #D Animations and Simulations)
  • Course production in LMS, LMS integration
  • Instructional Design
  • Simulations, 2D Games, Augmented Reality, Audio synchronization
  • Video editing, LMS integration

HTML based enhanced eBooks and ePuB

  • Diverse inputs formats - XML, HTML, PDF, typesetting application files.
  • Capability to deliver content to multiple eBook readers like iPad, Kindle, Sony, Nook, Galaxy
  • Controlling design using CSS3 and layout through XSLT
  • Multimedia integrated including audio, video, widgets and interactivity
  • Bookmarketing, search option. navigation, collapsible highlights, internal and external linking
  • Online tutorials and learning objects
  • Video processing / editing

Besides the media assets, we also create many HTML5-based learning objectives, enhanced eBooks, and ePubs for leading publishers.

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