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Design and Development

Straive’s instructional design experts work closely with clients to develop design specifications and storyboard e-learning. Our experts also create learning strategies focused on providing real-life scenarios, fostering experiential learning, and staying relevant to learners’ needs, roles, and responsibilities.

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We Help our Clients Create

  • Flexible course structure that allows students to participate online, attend classrooms, or do both
  • Short and nimble programs that focus on specific skills in the chosen field. These programs address the need for continual education with content that helps acquire both soft and technical in-demand skills
  • Culturally responsive and equitable content
  • Avenues for Career and Technical Education
    • Align curriculum with industry-validated standards
    • Prepare students for all scenarios: 4-year college/community college/job

Our Solutions

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Instructional Design 

We work with organizations across all industries to design quality content and help them meet their objectives. Our game elements and interactive scenarios keep the learners gripped while ensuring the delivery of core content or specific skills.

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Digital Content Authoring

We create learning strategies with a clear focus on providing real-life scenarios and fostering experiential learning, tailor-made for all your learning needs based on the context and the target audience. 

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Our assessment experts have significant experience writing assessments, explanations, underlying reasoning, and meticulously crafted hints for all types of questions.

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