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An Icon of pencil within a parentheses - Design and develop

Design and Develop

Our instructional design experts work closely with clients to develop design specifications and storyboard e-learning. Apart from this, we create learning strategies focused on providing real-life scenarios, fostering experiential learning, and staying relevant to learners’ needs, roles, and responsibilities.

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Study Support

Straive goes beyond focusing only on creating and developing e-Learning courses to offer study support services through the student’s educational journey to prepare and handhold learners, helping them understand concepts better and enjoy the learning process.

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A man skull with circular sign in his forehead - Digital learning transformation

Digital Content Transformation

Straive partners with clients throughout the strategic, creative, and integration process, ensuring that the learning content meets today’s evolving standards. Our complete solutions can elevate your eLearning programs to the highest level.

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Icon of a person in a circle representing Accessibility


Straive is one of the world's largest providers of accessibility solutions for education. We offer a wide array of accessibility services, including consulting, auditing, remediation, alt-text and audio description with the help of our accessibility experts and backed by the use of technologies such as AI & ML.

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This Icon represnts a person under a circle, which is covered by location marker - localization


Straive helps you rapidly localize your education content, including audio/video, thus, improving the customer experience, allowing you to discover new markets, and gain additional value from existing content.

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A magnifier for representing Insight

Frost Insights

Frost Insights is an easy-to-use reporting solutions, providing total visibility of student journeys, thus, empowering institutes to proactively stay on top of students' performance and make suitable interventions, if necessary.

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A magnifier with three dots - explore


Frost Explore ensures that all educational content standards are aligned, irrespective of the learning model – remote, in-person or hybrid, provides course customization capabilities through content collections, and allows sharing of resources with students anytime

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creative services, creative content services


LearningMate Transform is a subscription tool bundled with instructional design and technical support services to help you rapidly shift to digital and blended learning experiences.

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Icon for customer support device - Customer support services

Customer Support

Straive provides 24/7 technical product support as well as ensuring smooth platform back-end processing and fulfillment requests of all kind of users.

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Artificial Intelligence

Straive works with education publishers to offer different AI-backed education models, such as the pedagogical, domain, and learner models. We leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) for – improving writing and reading skills (by using Natural Language Processing (NLP)), alt-text prediction, finding keywords and concepts quickly with smart skimmer.

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