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Digital Content Transformation

Straive partners with clients throughout the strategic, creative, and integration process, ensuring that the learning content meets today’s evolving standards. Whether your course production is designed for K-12, STM, or the corporate market—domestically or internationally—we deliver comprehensive solutions that elevate your eLearning programs to the highest level.  

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Our Services

Digital Transformation

  • We work closely with education publishers to transform existing static content into interactive content
  • We help author digital-first content that works for multiple delivery streams
  • We facilitate workflows and technologies that enable print on demand

Learning Management Systems

  • We facilitate LMS Integration by seamlessly mapping content from multiple sources to proprietary LMSs
  • We offer customization services for open-source learning management systems to meet specific needs

Our Solutions

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Interactivity Development

Straive provides various levels of animation, including 2D and 3D, and works closely with clients to select the right tools and technology to ensure that the interactive platform works across various platforms and devices.

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Course Design

Our learning designers collaborate with the content author/producer to create a comprehensive course design document by identifying learning goals, designing learning objectives, and structuring the content and assessment strategy.

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Product Testing & Quality Assurance

Straive has extensive experience developing thousands of learning objects in a time-bound manner for various subjects covering content writing, photo research, permissions, digital course integration, and accessibility testing, thus positively impacting clients with our functional QA services.

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